Whats good 1MOTIMER'Z! I decided to release this new song for you. This song was honestly never going to be released, I recorded it just to blow off some steam & then shelved it right after, because I felt I was a tad bit too negative on this song for my style you know? At this point in time in my life I just seemed to have A LOT on my mind when I wrote this track. I was feeling really overwhelmed/inundated with everything & I started developing negative emotions & was constantly feeling out of focus & questioning myself. I was also starting to feel deprived from my sleep due to soooo many thoughts running through my mind while I was trying to finally lay down & call it a day/night. I really was doing my best to stay positive during this time but at the moment I really wasn't even sure what that meant. I started thinking to myself that maybe im just crazy, and being positive is just my way of justifying that. Nothing feels worse then when your not sure of your own mind! Lol but deep down inside I kept telling myself that this is just a negative storm that im going through & that it will eventually blow over! So I released that energy on this track & kept it pushing. Im grateful I did & Im also just grateful for everything in my life right now. Im very blessed to have a way to really just vent when Im by myself in those crazy situations. I hope when you go through the downs in your life you have some sort of outlet or way to allow yourself to vent & keep your mind strong & have a way to keep pushing through the storm!????? Anyways, im good right now & Im just leaving this track in 2019 & looking forward to a beautiful,prosperous, amazing 2020! I wish the same for YOU! I hope you enjoy it! Have a great day.