1. Shyanne

This is a very special song I did for a mother & her daughter Shyanne. This 10 year old girl happens to be a fan of mh music & I am truely grateful for it! She hasn't had the easiest life & has been dealing with a condition called fetal hydrocephalus since she was born & is currently dealing with a blood clot on her brain. This little girl is a HUGE inspiration to me & has opened my eyes to how I see things! I created this song in hopes to help her & all the other Shyanne's around the world ease their minds when times get tough for them. I am truely honored that they reached out to me & asked me to do this for them. Life is too precious to complain! Shyanne proves that fact! So please keep your head up & always do your best to love yourself & the life you have! I really hope you enjoy this song, much love everyone & take care.