1st place? & World Championships Late post!!!!

Hey whats good everyone Ive been extremely busy lately with creating music,recording,producing & just all around hustling! So I havent got around to letting you guys in on the good news & things that has recently happened with me & my music. Well for one I've competed for the 3rd time for the Coast 2 Coast LIVE largest artist showcase in the world in Las Vegas on 8/13/18. I've placed 2nd my 1st performance,then for my 2nd performance I came in 3rd place, & now I finally came back for a 3rd time & was blessed with 1st place!!!? It was definitely a great show!! Then less then 2 weeks later I was on a plane✈ out to Miami,FL for the 2018 World ChampionShips! I did my best out there & feel very proud of myself for my 1st world championship performance. Im really grateful to have had the opportunity to fly out there & perform infront of all those people & meet/network with like minded people & artist from around the world! Def a great & amazing experience for me! I can actually say my music put me on a plane & took me all the way to the East Coast!?? But yea I just want to say thank you very much to all of you who always show me love & support you guys are the absolute best for that!!!! I have a lot of NEW music coming out real soon so please stay tuned & make sure to check out my latest single #ComputerLove?? & go subscribe to my YouTube channel at BIGC-1MOTIME

Much love to you all have a great day take care?

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  • alex
    alex las vegas
    good job went to la to go watch u with my gf anisa sucks i did not get to meet u

    good job went to la to go watch u with my gf anisa sucks i did not get to meet u

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